2 Things I learned from being a customer

Don’t get angry at your service provider

Remember that a service provider is there to do something you cannot, or will not, do.

I recently got angry at what I perceived to be an unfair action by a service provider.  I thought that they did not communicate properly with me and could have called me to sort out the query they had.  I called them and “let them have it”, perhaps not quite entirely professional of me.

And guess what, 2 weeks later I had to use them again.  So, swallow pride and fire off the email asking for help.  Luckily they were professional enough to assist me with my query.

So, be careful who you get cross with.

Keep me informed

To all service providers, I want to know what is happening with my query, so please keep me informed every step of the way.

If I place an order for something to be delivered on a specific date, please don’t call me the morning of the delivery to inform me that you cannot deliver.  Rather tell me earlier.

If you do not communicate with me, then I’ll make up my own mind about your company and performance and my perception will become my reality.  So, talk to me.

How would you like your service provider to communicate with you?


One thought on “2 Things I learned from being a customer

  1. Comment that I received via Facebook:
    “If you don’t tell them about their poor/pathetic or simply lack of service you are denying them the opportunity to improve.”

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